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We are industry leaders in MLM system development services, encompassing compensation plans, user dashboards, user landing pages, support ticket systems, and integration with payment gateways specific to the MLM industry, including crypto payment gateways. Our cutting-edge development services efficiently manage and maintain your business, allowing you to focus on business development and marketing.

We provide a comprehensive solution for the multi-level marketing industry.

As experts in custom MLM development, we possess the expertise to design MLM systems that seamlessly implement your compensation plans, bonuses, rewards, e-commerce functionalities, and user dashboards. Softech UK, a professional firm, has a proven track record of helping businesses.

If you’re seeking a reliable Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) development partner, look no further than us. Our skilled MLM development team enables you to continue running your business smoothly while significantly enhancing your flexibility. Our unmatched system development solutions will not only meet but exceed your expectations, owing to our years of experience as a leading provider of professional MLM web development services.

Our Services

We specialise in building MLM solutions

We offer a state-of-the-art Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system tailored to your compensation plan and business requirements.

Compensation PLan

Unlock the potential of your MLM venture with our expertise in evaluating various compensation plans, such as binary, matrix, unilevel, board, monoline, and more. We understand that choosing the right compensation plan is critical to your success, and our dedicated team can guide you in selecting the most suitable plan that aligns with your unique business goals. Let us assist you in making informed decisions that drive your MLM business towards exceptional growth and profitability.

Payment Gateway

The MLM industry operates on a global scale and relies on specific payment gateways. We understand the unique dynamics of this industry and can assist you in sourcing and seamlessly integrating the right payment gateways into your MLM system. Whether you’re operating internationally or looking to expand your MLM venture, our team ensures secure and efficient payment processing that aligns with your business needs. Elevate your MLM game with our tailored payment gateway solutions and streamline your financial transactions for international success.

User Support System

MLM thrives on a global stage, with a vast network of independent, self-employed users who often require assistance. At our core, we are dedicated to empowering your MLM business with a robust support system that caters to every user’s needs. Our system is designed for the global stage, allowing for multi-agent logins, and enabling you to establish specialised departments within your organisation for compliance, finance, and technology support. With our comprehensive support infrastructure, you can ensure that your users receive the guidance and assistance they need, fostering success and growth within your MLM venture.

Blockchain & Crypto

In the dynamic landscape of the growing Blockchain and Crypto industry, the MLM sector is embracing these technological advancements. Our services are at the forefront of this synergy, offering comprehensive blockchain and crypto solutions. Our expertise spans token development, wallet creation, facilitating token/coin listings on exchanges, and seamlessly integrating tokens with your MLM system. With our cutting-edge solutions, you can ride the wave of innovation, ensuring your MLM business thrives in the ever-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.





MLM Compensation Plans

Binary Plan

The Binary Plan, often referred to as the ‘two-legged’ plan, stands out as one of the most popular compensation models in MLM. This plan places a restriction on the number of direct recruits, allowing each distributor to add only two individuals beneath them, forming two ‘legs’ or teams – the right and left.

In the Binary MLM plan, commissions are primarily based on sales volume rather than hierarchical sales levels. Payments are calculated using the sales from the weaker leg, often termed the ‘pay leg.’ This design encourages teamwork and collaboration among distributors. The plan’s simplicity makes it an excellent fit for many MLM businesses, as it is easy to comprehend.

One notable advantage, as highlighted by its proponents, is the weekly commission payouts. Distributors can enjoy the fruits of their labor on a weekly basis, eliminating the need to wait an entire month for compensation.

The Binary MLM plan factors in group volume rather than the percentage of sales from multiple distributor levels, reducing susceptibility to penalties associated with excessive recruiting. Businesses seeking rapid expansion often favour the Binary plan, but its success relies on distributors who excel at working together to build stronger, more interconnected teams.

Unilevel Plan

The Unilevel MLM plan, known for its straightforward structure, is characterised by a single level of frontline distributors directly under each sponsor. Unlike some other compensation plans, there are no position advancements within the Unilevel plan, meaning all distributors sponsored by a particular individual remain on the same level. This simplicity can be an advantage for those who prefer a straightforward approach to their MLM business.

In contrast to the Binary compensation plan, where commission payments are calculated based on a balanced structure of two legs or positions, the Unilevel compensation model factors in distributor levels and hierarchy, as well as profit percentage. MLM companies have the flexibility to decide the number of levels at which commissions are paid, and the commission percentage may vary from one level to another. This versatility allows businesses to tailor their compensation structures to their unique needs. It also encourages individual performance by offering higher commission payouts, creating a motivating environment that promotes distributor engagement and success.

Interestingly, the Unilevel structure can be found as a foundational component in virtually every compensation plan. 

Matrix Plan

The Matrix MLM plan is renowned for its robust structure, featuring limited width and depth. This design restricts the number of distributors at each level, allowing for a set number of placements. For instance, a 3×3 matrix permits three distributors in width, extending down three levels, as illustrated above. This width constraint results in distributors not being able to place all their downlines directly under themselves. Sponsors are compelled to position their recruits beneath previously placed team members, giving rise to the plan’s name, the ‘forced matrix plan.’ Furthermore, the Matrix MLM plan offers flexibility by allowing distributors to enter new positions in the matrix once they meet the specified criteria, broadening their potential for increased commissions.

Limited width can be advantageous for novice distributors who join under influential leaders, facilitating grid completion. However, it can also lead to some distributors becoming inactive. Notably, the Matrix MLM compensation plan provides companies with more control over payout volumes due to its structured design.

Nevertheless, the Matrix MLM plan offers the potential for unlimited earnings, even within its limited income structure.

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